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Editorial review


Silvana Mansilla Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 4.9
VisualCron is a powerful and handy task scheduler that allows you to program and automate complex tasks in a few simple steps.The user interface is intuitive but not so simple for beginners who will have to spend a while reading the help file in order to understand its multiple functions.
On the contrary advanced users will take advantage of its multiple uses. In order to schedule any tasks the first thing to do is to create a job, which may include many tasks in one. The trigger runs the job and the program sends notifications when these tasks are done. As the utility has a client-server architecture, it allows to connect to remote computers and combine multiple tasks and events, specify time exceptions, and be notified via email, pop-up window, syslog, SQL query, sound and much more. Apart from simple tasks, you can also trigger complex tasks through system events like file changes, registry changes, event log entries, processes, services, and even custom WMI scripts.
The application is available in more than 30 languages and works with Windows XP/Vista.


  • Intuitive and simple user interface.
  • Advanced options for complex tasks.
  • Fully customizable.


  • Beginners may find it difficult to use.
  • Expensive.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 69.4 MB

What's new in version 7.1

- [FEATURE] Client/Server: New translation engine for delivering faster and more translations to other languages
- [FEATURE] Server->Performance counter Trigger->More efficient code that now supports remote performance counter
- [BUGFIX] Server: SFTP->Upload->Fixed a problem with that source file was deleted even though nothing was uploaded
- [BUGFIX] Logging->Events->Fixed an issue with logging problems with SQL Connections
- [BUGFIX] Client->Editing Task->Fixed an issue with Previous and Next button and saving some Task information
- [BUGFIX] Server->Fixed an issue with On Task error->Do not raise error setting
- [BUGFIX] Server->File Trigger (Samba)->Fixed a reconnect issue (not re-setting properties)
- [BUGFIX] Server->FTP->Fixed a problem retrieving current folder too many times
- [BUGFIX] Server->Remote file filter test->Fixed an issue with multiple source folders split by semicolon
- [BUGFIX] Client->Remote file Trigger->Fixed issue with selecting "Delete files" only
- [BUGFIX] Client->Manage PGP key rings->Fixed an issue deleting keys
- [BUGFIX] Client->Fixed an unhandled exception when doing Object search
- [BUGFIX] Server->Amazon S3->Added support for uploading VisualCron Trigger->Fixed an issue with Job Variables
- [BUGFIX] Server->Powershell->Fixed a Credential issue (accessing network files)
- [BUGFIX] Server->Variables->Fixed a problem using certain strings in the DATENOWADD Variable in file filter
- [BUGFIX] Server->Notifications->Fixed issue with not (directly) saving TaskNotifications.xml after importing
- [BUGFIX] Client->Time exceptions->Fixed date sorting
- [BUGFIX] Server->Fixed a general renaming issue when working with string (for example calculating destination name with file masks) that in some cases could cause problems

What's new in version 6.1

[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added Sharepoint - Create list Task
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added Sharepoint - Update list Task
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added Sharepoint - Delete list(s) Task
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added Sharepoint - Describe list Task
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added Sharepoint - Get lists Task
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added Sharepoint - Get list item(s) Task
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added Sharepoint - Delete list item(s) Task
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added Sharepoint - Download file(s) Task
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added Sharepoint - Upload file(s) Task
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added Sharepoint - Delete file(s) Task
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added Sharepoint - Get file(s) Task
[FEATURE] Client: Added password character when viewing existing SQL connection strings
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added support for specifying initialization vector in Symmetric encryption/decryption Tasks
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added padding options in Symmetric encryption/decryption Tasks
[BUGFIX] Client: Handled an issue when Adding a Task (potential crash)
[BUGFIX] Client: Windows 8 compatibility fix
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed an issue of double execution of SSIS (using MSSQL2008)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Handled a problem with ForeignKeyException in Client
[BUGFIX] Client: Handled a scenario which could crash Client when new Task was added
[BUGFIX] API: Handled a reconnection problem when wrong password was specified

What's new in version 5.8

- [INFO] This version requires that you install new version of both Client and Server
- [FEATURE] Client: Added options to change Client settings-,log- and backup folder
- [FEATURE] Client/Server: Added options to change Server settings-,log-,output, temp and backup folder
- [FEATURE] Client: Added optional confirmation dialog for Server->Stop action in Client settings
- [FEATURE] Client/Server: Added detached signing option in PGP Encrypt Task
- [FEATURE] Client/Server: Added support for multiple folders in all file filters. Separate folders with semi colon ";"
- [FEATURE] Server: Treated powershell error output as VisualCron error
- [BUGFIX] Server: Fixed a Variable problem in the Office Macro Task (Variables converted to static after first run)
- [BUGFIX] API: Fixed some bugs related to internal events which could cause the test API project (among other things) to go beserk
- [BUGFIX] Server: Fixed a problem with printing HTML documents
- [BUGFIX] Server: Fixed a timezone bug - could potentially affect Interval triggers scheduled a longer time ahead

What's new in version 4.9

Added permissions for Remote File browser.
Multiple bug fixes.

Publisher's description

VisualCron is an automation tool and task scheduler for Windows. It provides advanced file/script execution, file transfer (FTP/FTPS/SFTP/SSH/HTTP), e-mail, archiving, XML handling, Active directory tasks, encryption (PGP), desktop macro recording, send/receive e-mails and system control.

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